What are a democrats beliefs on taxes?

As Republicans seek to lower nationwide taxes in an effort to promote big business and to keep the wealthy from using their money elsewhere, Democrats take a different approach. The Democrats' main course of action when it comes to taxing the people of the United States is to raise taxes to be able to fund social programs created to help the general welfare of the nation. They feel that paying off our national debt and maintaining a strong foundation for the lower and middle class are the highest priorities in regards to taxes. Therefore, Democrats usually tend to raise taxes if there had been tax cuts by Republicans beforehand. They feel that the wealthy aren't oppressed by raised taxes and that their overblown paycheck should be used for the cause of the nation, not for personal expenditures. This viewpoint is one of the many that cause a great rift in modern politics in the United States, as once again the Republicans and Democrats are on opposite sides.

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